Hello, my name is Shawn Reeder. Photography has been a hobby of mine since about the age 14 when I bought my first 35mm camera at a flee market after first selling a lawnmower that I had just repaired and my favorite skate board. For years photography has competed for my attention among other hobbies and life events but it never lost it's allure. Being a technical person with an engineering background, it has been wonderful to have at least one artistic outlet, but I enjoy the technical side of photography as well.

Why do I have this site?

For years I have maintained a photo sharing website that was used mostly to share photos with family and mostly contained family gatherings. The old site needed to be updated and I want a site where family could easily order their own prints from family gatherings. I also want a place to exploring selling my work....photography is not a cheap hobby.

Thank you,

Shawn Reeder